Thursday, October 12, 2017


Here's a close up of Dani with her eyes wide open (unlike yesterday's post).  Those eyes are so big and beautiful, and her Maine Coon-ness is more and more evident as she grows.

From the lynx tips of Dani's ears to her prominent muzzle and ever-burgeoning ruff around her neck, Dani is Maine Coon ...

... through and through.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


We Canadians, including Dani of course, are celebrating our Thanksgiving.  Lots of people have their turkey dinners on Sunday, but we're having ours on Monday which is on the official Thanksgiving Day.

Since this is Dani's first Thanksgiving, she's all excited, and never moreso than to taste-test turkey out of the oven (instead of just a can).

"It duzn't hurt ta look like a turkey eidah" says she.
"Mama tells me dey cant reely fly, so dat makes 'em easy pickins!"

Unfortunately, they don't know when to 'leaves' well enough alone.
And that's why we call them TURKEYS!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Dani's in the front garden peeking out between the bushes.

"I'd like ta fink I'm inCATnito but ... 

... I guess dat's a liddle bit too much ta ask.  Isn't it Mama?"

On this subject, Dani's on de fence.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Dani's all ready for a fancy dress party.

"Dat's why I is warin' a fancy dress"  says she.

And indeed this one is quite the showy little number.  It is white taffeta with fuschia-coloured roses and a wide satin ribbon with matching rose at the waist.  She has a fascinating fascinator in lilac adorned with roses and fuschia flowers on her head which coordinates purrfectly with her fancy frock.

There is a sterling silver necklace with purpley pink heart-shaped pendant at her neck and a multi-colour pastel gem bracelet on her wrist.

For this special occasion, Dani has chosen an elegant beaded evening bag, also in fuschia, with silver rose embellishment.  It's rather old-fashioned in a fanciful sort of way.

This shot shows the back of Dani's gorgeous gown in its entirety.  It was taken before she was completely accessorized.  She had yet to bejewel herself.

Once Dani fully embraces her inner PURRincess, she gets carried away with the grandeur of it all.  She is truly destined to be the belle of the ball.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Dani was born in late January this year so every month there's something new for her.  This is the first time she could observe October, so she's sitting out on the front porch steps taking it all in.

One little leaf has landed in front of her and rather than playing with it,
she is in awe.

And even when she's back inside she's still mesmerized by the splendours of autumn.

"Ah, look at dat" says she.  "Dose colours is simpleh amazin'!" 

Friday, September 29, 2017


Dani was lying in the front garden under some foliage and feeling quite dismayed.

"Sheesh!" she said.  "Even da weeds is goin' ta pot."

Luckily Dani is still innocent and we'd like to keep it that way.

No more hanging out with that Tom cat down the street, Dani.
Smoking isn't for kittens!

And the ONLY kind of weed you need is ...

Lend a paw in keepin' it green!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Dani was making a statement by lying down on the job.  She's all for feline rights and is protesting against animal cruelty.

 "Yes, Mama -- dis means yoo!  Get me outta dis dress rite NOW!"

The dress Dani wants to shed is a cute white-with-black polka-dot number which has a black satin ribbon and large bow at the waist.  The collar of the dress is a statement of its own being oversized and pointed.  Her hat has a white translucent woven brim with a stunning black rose and white feathers on top.  This I can just remove digitally.  Likewise for her silver necklace with black and white enamel pendant and her petite bracelet of white circles.

Dani's purrse is a wonderful complement to this outfit being white leather with bold black stripes. All in all it's quite a geometric combination.

"As fah as I'm concerned, yoo kin get ridda efurryfing except da purrse.
 I wanna check it ta see if dis is ware yoo keeps my treets." says Dani demanding immediate payment.

No, Dani. Your treat is in the kitchen.


Friday, September 22, 2017


This is a gallery of Dani posing on the front steps with the autumn sun behind her making her fur absolutely glow!

Like the true model that she is (even when only wearing her natural fur coat) Dani takes different PAWStures to highlight all of her different moods, and show off her very best features. I must say, she really doesn't have a bad side.  They all look pretty good from here!



Inquisitive (Huh?)



Dani has such depth and FURvour!

But she's never as deep as when she's meditating.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Dani was deep into the garden last weekend -- up to her chest in PURRiwinkle.

 "Dis cud make grate CATmouflage" said she.

 "Is supposta be grownd covah but ...

... if I scrunches down close to da grownd I cud be undacovah, too!"

And what do you do when your under a cover?

Zzzzzzzzzzz ....

Monday, September 18, 2017


Here's a lovely picture of Dani just relaxing in her wicker chair and enjoying the sunshine.

She seems like she's deep in thought.  I wonder what she's thinking.

"I'm finkin' 'bout climin' up in dat tree.
Wot else, silly?"

Friday, September 15, 2017


Here's Dani in her second dress of the week!  I have to take pictures more frequently now that she's growing so fast.  However, this particular dress was always too large for Domino so it fits Dani purrfectly.  Nice 'n comfy!

The dress is made from fine wale purple corduroy and it has little flutter sleeves and a pleated skirt with bows at the hip.

Dani thought this dress was a little plain so she has oomphed it up with her accessories.

Her hat is a purple fascinator with bright fuschia and pink feathers wound into circles.  Her purrse is also quite bold in a multicolour floral print which is quite complementary (as well as complimentary as it seems to inspire a number a compliments).

Around her neck she is wearing a long silver chain with owl pendant studded with purple and blue gems.
 Her bracelet is silver with purple sparkly stones.

And here is the back of the dress which has a white crystal rose near the neck.  Dani really took a 'shine' to it when she saw that!

This shot also illustrates how tall and still slender Dani is.  She has yet to grow into those long legs of hers.

Unlike a butterfly, Dani's still in metamorphosis.  She's just as pretty as one already, though.