Thursday, October 12, 2017


Here's a close up of Dani with her eyes wide open (unlike yesterday's post).  Those eyes are so big and beautiful, and her Maine Coon-ness is more and more evident as she grows.

From the lynx tips of Dani's ears to her prominent muzzle and ever-burgeoning ruff around her neck, Dani is Maine Coon ...

... through and through.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


We Canadians, including Dani of course, are celebrating our Thanksgiving.  Lots of people have their turkey dinners on Sunday, but we're having ours on Monday which is on the official Thanksgiving Day.

Since this is Dani's first Thanksgiving, she's all excited, and never moreso than to taste-test turkey out of the oven (instead of just a can).

"It duzn't hurt ta look like a turkey eidah" says she.
"Mama tells me dey cant reely fly, so dat makes 'em easy pickins!"

Unfortunately, they don't know when to 'leaves' well enough alone.
And that's why we call them TURKEYS!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Dani's in the front garden peeking out between the bushes.

"I'd like ta fink I'm inCATnito but ... 

... I guess dat's a liddle bit too much ta ask.  Isn't it Mama?"

On this subject, Dani's on de fence.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Dani's all ready for a fancy dress party.

"Dat's why I is warin' a fancy dress"  says she.

And indeed this one is quite the showy little number.  It is white taffeta with fuschia-coloured roses and a wide satin ribbon with matching rose at the waist.  She has a fascinating fascinator in lilac adorned with roses and fuschia flowers on her head which coordinates purrfectly with her fancy frock.

There is a sterling silver necklace with purpley pink heart-shaped pendant at her neck and a multi-colour pastel gem bracelet on her wrist.

For this special occasion, Dani has chosen an elegant beaded evening bag, also in fuschia, with silver rose embellishment.  It's rather old-fashioned in a fanciful sort of way.

This shot shows the back of Dani's gorgeous gown in its entirety.  It was taken before she was completely accessorized.  She had yet to bejewel herself.

Once Dani fully embraces her inner PURRincess, she gets carried away with the grandeur of it all.  She is truly destined to be the belle of the ball.